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Healing Rayne
What is Red Magic.
What is Red Magic.
A Few Red Magic Spells
Merry Meet, Merry Part and Merry Meet Again.
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A quick Explanation

Red Magic is the simplest form of spells. From the time before history when we were revered, to the time of persecution when we were feared and misunderstood, this is the magic that the simple people used, the shaman, the temple initiate. It is simply the Volk Magie, the magic of the people. Sometimes called Hoodoo in the early American culture.


At its core is knowledge that we ourselves are spiritual, our bodies are a link to that which made us and guides us. A link that we do not even fully understand, but that lets us move closer to the “greater spirit”. Let me give you a funny but true example. In the height of passion, when we transcend our mental state in orgasm, what do many people say or call out? “Oh god.”

Now you may laugh, but please think about it.  Why do so many say that? Because subconsciously, if the truth is not known, we have moved our bodies, minds and spirits into a higher plane for just a brief moment. That is why sex, especially in woman, who are the more attuned of the two genders, is so personal and deep. IT IS SPIRITUAL! Almost all of us realize that, yet we and our teachers stop before exploring this.

I love reading about spells on the internet. It is always sure to bring a smile and a laugh to my lips. What did we ever do, before specialized shops? What did those in the 15th century do, before being able click on a link and buy sandalwood or specific colored candles? What did the poor people do? And yet people now teach, that in order to do spells, one must have all these specific things. Hogwash!!! Oh and please do not support any of these frauds who claim that they can cast an undeniable spell for you. The only spell they have that works is the one to separate you from your money.


They used the magic around them. The stuff of LIFE. LIFE is magic. Life flows around us in an unending cycle. They knew how to tap into this cycle and use the force of life in their spells.


Sometimes Red Magic is called Sex Magic. I absolutely abhor that term. Sex, as if uncaring sex and groping can ever be used for anything except poor choices. If that is what you are looking for please stop reading. Red magic uses our bodies and the force of life within them, much as the ancients did in the eons before now. All of red magic is strongest when shared with two people, even if only one is required. The support, and love and friendship strengthen the spells and the force of the magic. If a lover can not be with you, a friend or someone spiritually connected to the spells recipient is best, barring that a true friend will do.

About Red Magic